If you've been sexually assaulted while in the military, you're not alone. So many men and women serving the country have experienced sexual assault that they created a term for it - Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Not only is it a subset of the PTSD diagnosis, but the Department of Veteran Affairs have outreach representatives for soldiers and veterans who have suffered this specific trauma. 

We're a small group of veterans who are currently in therapy for PTSD due to MST and allies, and we want to hear your stories. 

Our goal is to collect information and stories from survivors and use the data and responses to push for change. As we're currently based in Colorado, we'll be writing our legislators and presenting them with the information we've collected as well as providing potential solutions to assist with drafting effective legislation If we're able to succeed in our state, we're hoping this issue will find its way to Washington. 

Additionally, with the help of military leaders and mental health professionals, we're hoping to draft new common sense training to replace the Army's Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) and other military sexual assault training programs that focus on consent.